Let me guess...

You’ve been running a business for a little while, but not making the income you need and no where near what you want!  

You’ve downloaded all the free content you can and you’re more confused than ever!

You’re frustrated and overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.  

You know you deserve more and are capable of more, you just need stop guessing and experimenting, and get clear direction!

You know it wasn’t meant to be this hard!

I have the answer and this programme is what you need in your business!

✅ On this programme you’ll get to understand the business basics that you need to master to grow your business and it will give you the simple steps to do it. 

✅ You’ll let go of your scarcity mindset and instead expect success!

✅ You’ll develop a plan, take a ton of action and banish your overwhelm for good!

✅ You’ll get crystal clear on your big vision.

✅ You’ll get 100% clarity on your products and prices and know how to sell without being sleazy!

✅ You’ll learn how to Implement specific sales strategies and reach out methods  to attract more clients.

✅ You will master your confidence in selling your service.

✅ You’ll know how to use your strengths to help you grow and become more successful.

✅ Together we will debunk all those myths and set you on a path to consistent success. 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Your Business Audit
    • Your Business Audit
    • Basic Business SWOT Analysis
    • Critical Success Factors
  • 2
    Your 90 Day Plan
    • How to use your 90 day plan
    • Your 90 Day Business Turnaround Plan
  • 3
    Your Business Goals
    • Daily Goal Planner
  • 4
    Identify Your Ideal Client
    • Your Ideal Client
    • How to Create an Ideal Client Profile
    • Know Your Audience The 4 P's Grid
  • 5
    Products & Pricing
    • Products & Pricing
  • 6
    Branding For Success
    • High-level lesson
    • Find Your Brand Values
  • 7
    How to Create Your Perfect Sales Funnel
    • High-level lesson
    • Your Perfect Sales Funnel
  • 8
    Selling For Success
    • Selling For Success
  • 9
    Follow up for Success
    • How to Follow up for Success
  • 10
    Manage your Numbers
    • Managing Your Numbers
    • Manage Your Business Numbers

Pricing options

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